This is the place to see some of my work. I've worked on both open and closed source projects. Recently most of my projects have been closed source. Some of my open source projects are rather old, when I look back at them I always feel the need to improve almost everything (if only I had more time), which of course is a good sign!

Open source

  • base Easy to use base conversion command line tool and Node.js (native) module. Offers JavaScript and C++ implementations.

  • ytmp3dl-core Reverse engineered Google's media signature enciphering. Ytmp3dl is an asynchronous power Node.js Youtube mp3 downloader module utilizing some of the latest (proposed) ECMAScript features.

  • raminfo Node.js module which can be used to log and dump abstract memory usage information.

  • cls Node.js module for easy command line text styling.

  • ens Easily ensure JavaScript primitive data types.

  • f_ Asynchronous and modular Node.js app development made easy (pre ES7).

  • reqqer Node.js requires made easy (pre ES6).

  • poll rip created in a couple of hours.

Closed source

  • Efficient development environment set-up for a few small starting companies
  • 3D photo gallery for a photographer
  • In the past: various kinds of (basic) websites
  • Development and installation of a custom home automation system
  • Development and maintainence of custom development tools for various companies
  • Currently in development: next-gen x-platform drawing and animation tool
  • Currently in development: a better way to start with programming (at any age)